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Top Rated Fabric
Made in the USA
9 oz. per square yd.
Solution-Dyed 100% Polyester
5-Year Warranty
Extremely Breathable
Mildew & Color Resistant
UV Resistant for 10 years
Storage Use Only – Trailering Voids Warranty
Available Colors: Black, Grey, Navy or Tan



Made in the USA
8 oz. per square yd.
Solution-Dyed 100% Polyester
5 Year Warranty
Durable and Breathable
Mildew & Color Resistant
UV Resistant for 7 to 9 years
Storage Use Only
Trailering Voids Warranty
Available Colors: Black or Navy



Made in the USA
7 oz. per square yd.
Solution-Dyed 100% Polyester
3 Year Warranty
Mildew & Color Resistant
UV Resistant for 4 to 5 years
Storage Use Only
Trailering Voids Warranty
Available Colors: Black or Navy

Why 100% Solution-dyed Polyester Is the Best T-Top Boat Cover Fabric

T-top boat cover fabric being cut on a CNC machine

T-Top boat cover fabric being cut to exact specifications using digital CNC technology.

These are custom fit T-Top boat covers. They use a lot of fabric and that fabric matters. Taylor Made has chosen three of the best fabrics on the market for this particular application.

Lightweight T-Top Boat Cover Fabric

Despite the glossy magazine ads touting solution-dyed acrylic canvas, it simply isn’t the best T-Top boat cover fabric. It’s heavy. It doesn’t breathe. And, over time, the acrylic starts to both wear down and stretch. This creates pools of water that eventually leak through acrylic fabric boat covers. That’s why Taylor Made T-Top covers – as well as our quick release webbing straps – are constructed from polyester, not acrylic, material.

Long-Lasting Strength and Color Retention

All three of the marine grade T-Top boat cover fabrics we offer are 100% solution-dyed polyester canvas custom made in the USA. All are the optimal weight for these very large covers, and all are created with the highest standards for durability and longevity – giving you top strength and color retention for years and years to come.

Fabric That Stays Strong in All Climates

These tough, all-weather fabrics hold up to any climate with incredible tear-strength and abrasion resistance. They offer you the highest water repellency while staying breathable – an important factor that makes them mildew resistant. And, you won’t have to worry about damaging the finish on your boat, as these canvases are non-abrasive to gel-coating and other marine finishes.

T-Top Boat Cover Fabric Options

So, what’s the difference between the three high-quality fabrics we offer? Mostly, it’s fabric weight and price. The least expensive option (Ultima) is a little lighter (7 oz.) and comes with a shorter warranty (3 years). The mid-priced option (Weathermax) is a bit heavier (8 oz.) and extends the warranty to 5 years. And, our Elite fabric option is a very sturdy 9-ounces and carries a 5-year warranty.

Whether you’re storing your boat in the sunny South or the snowy North, your T-Top cover has the strength to protect your boat in all climates. If you own a center console, dual console, walk-around cuddy cabin, or bay boat with a T-Top, click below to see if we have a fit…



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