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Boat Cover & Accessories Installation Guides

t-top-boat-cover-installationCovering your T-Top boat is an easy, one person operation, whether you’re on a lift, dry stack, or trailer. Our lightweight covers are uniquely designed to be installed from within the boat using adjustable webbing straps and plastic side release buckles. This allows for easy positioning of the straps and a secure fit. T-Top Boat Cover installation instructions can be found in your reference manual, or you can print another copy. Find the Instructions here.

Custom T-Top Boat Cover Ventilation

When you install your custom T-Top Boat Cover, you will notice that it does not cover the roof of the T-top. That is because the covers are specifically designed to hang 6” to 8” under the T-top. This allows water or moisture to evaporate and exit the boat. Air is allowed to enter around the motor(s), circulate around the console and vent out just under the T-top. This will help prevent mold or mildew from growing on your boat.

T-Top Bow Shade Installation Instructions

This T-Top Bow Shade is designed to only be in place on your boat when anchored or at drift. Never leave this product up and assembled on your boat when underway.  No tools required for easy installation. Find the instructions here.

Universal Center Console Cover Installation Instructions

The trailerable T-Top Console Cover is secured to the underside of the fixed T-Top structure and will enclose any size console, helm seat and T-Top support combination with a maximum base perimeter, (at the deck), of 18 feet or less. Find the instructions here.